ENFSI Scene of Crime Working Group
Annual Business Meeting Rome 2019

Dear Forensic Colleagues,

the Italian Forensic Science Police Service of the Italian National Police and the ENFSI Scenes of Crime Working Group are pleased to welcome you to our Annual Business Meeting.

The meeting will take place from September 24th (starting at 09.00AM) to September 26th (ending at 1.00PM) in Rome, at the A. ROMA Lifestyle Hotel Roma - Via Giorgio Zoega 59, 00164 Roma RM, Italy.

A welcome cocktail will be offered on the evening of September 23rd at the hotel venue.

This year’s topic is “Specialization versus Interdisciplinary, which will focus on:

  • The future of the Scenes of Crime Working Group with the implementation of a common strategic plan including the reorganization of the Steering Committee (taking into consideration the EFSA 2020 and the ENFSI Board action plans) and New Terms of Reference.
  • Discussion and development of harmonization of quality standards across the European Police Forces and Forensic Laboratories and the intensification of the interconnection between the three groups (BPA, Crime Scene and Forensic Archeology).
  • The increase of training opportunities and the harmonization and development of best practices.

An active participation of all members in the discussions about the future of the Working Group is critical for reaching a mutually beneficial solution.

We will also have workshops and practical presentations about investigation techniques. We invite you to present a topic or case of interest, particularly those with lessons learned and/or within the overall theme of the meeting. To submit your topic, please contact Fernando Viegas (Crime Scene): fernando.viegas@pj.pt or Weine Drotz (BPA): weine.drotz@polisen.se.

We continue to invest effort in driving forward the quality program in line with EFSA 2020 and the ENFSI Board Plan of Action. The SoC WG community wants to support members to achieve ISO standards.

To book your accommodation, please refer to the website: A.Roma Lifestyle Hotel - Prenotazioni Telephone numbers are from abroad. +39 06 878 128 93 and from Italy 800 893 502.

We thank you in advance for your attention and hope to see you in Rome.

Yours sincerely,

Luigi Rinella
Director of the Italian Forensic Science Police Service

Fernando Viegas
Chair of the ENFSI Scenes of Crime Working Group

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

As head of the Scientific Police of the Italian National Police, it is an honor to welcome you to the ENFSI SCENE OF CRIME W.G. ANNUAL MEETING 2019 which will take place in Rome on September 24th , 25th and 26th  2019.

In the spirit of European collaboration, the event will be an opportunity to focus attention on the importance of the acquisition and management of information gathered at the crime scene and the exchange of data for investigative purposes, as well as on applied research and technological development to the documentation and to the collection of evidence at the crime scene.

It will also be an opportunity to enhance the need for exchanges with other ENFSI working groups (DNA, Footprints, Explosives, Ballistics, Video-digital photo processing etc.) since this meeting represents an important community moment and offers the possibility of sharing and participating in the individual experiences that skilled crime scene operators live in the workplace.

The investigative techniques are enriched daily with increasingly sophisticated and accurate technologies.

For this reason, we wanted to reserve an area in which forensic instrument manufacturing companies will be able to exhibit their products and establish relationships with the staff, operating at the crime scene, by participating in the meeting.

I trust that your stay in Rome, which is a city with a millenary history and represents a symbol of beauty in the arts but it is also the cradle of law, the gentium and the civil one, being also among the founding elements of our investigative activities, is going to be pleasant and that will arouse in you admiration and wonder while standing in front of its beauties and give you the deep sense of the motto "cives romanus sum".

The director of the italian forensic science police service

Monday 23 September 2019

Day 0

Welcome Cocktail

Monday 23 September 2019

Tuesday 24 September 2019

Day 1

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Gala Dinner at Police Club

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Wednesday 25 September 2019

Day 2

Meetings and workshops

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Wednesday 25 September 2019

Thursday 26 September 2019

Day 3

Meetings and workshops
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